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Best golf courses in China

Golf in China: Are you looking for a unique golf destination? If yes, then China is the country.
The continuing rapid economic growth and the hosting of 2008 Olympic Games have helped popularize golf as one of the key offerings in China. 

Mission Hills Shenzhen and Dongguan, the world's largest, most famous and exclusive golf club is our favourite Stay & Play Golf Resort. The resort offers 12 eighteen holes including championship courses designed by golf’s greatest legends and architects. Your golfing skills will be tested in stunning surroundings under the watchful guidance of women caddies. 

You can reach Mission Hills within 15 minutes from Haikou International Airport by driving or, as we did, by SkyPier Ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen. 
Virtually all the courses in China are within driving distance of hotels and resorts.

To find out more about the golf courses in China, check out the list below. Where2Golf provides golf course reviews, golf ratings, photos, resort and hotel information of the best.

China Golf Map with Top Golf Courses and Resorts   To make the most out of your golf trip, look up the location of the courses on the China golf map. It will help you with your planning to play the best courses during your holidays. On the maps we have indicated golf hotels and Stay & Play resorts with the following symbol Stay & Play Golf Resorts
Where2Golf has applied a rating to each golf course visited. The rating scale, 5 (highest) to 1 (lowest), attempts to provide an indication of the golfing experience you can expect at each rated course. 

click on the green arrow in the toolbar OF the table below to sortStay & Play Golf Resort.Private course – for members and their invited guests only.Unrated course – not yet visited by the Where2Golf team.2-star: reasonable standard. Good value, especially if better courses not available.3-star: a good course with many fine features.3+ (3-gold): a good course with many fine features. One of our top-rated 3’s.4-star: a must play course - excellent standard.4+ (4-gold): a must play course - excellent standard. One of our top-rated 4’s !5-star: simply the best - golf courses don’t get much better than this.5+ (5-gold): simply the best - golf courses don’t get better than this. One of our top-rated 5’s!
27 Club p.gifPrivate clubTianjinWelling & Broom
Agile 0.gifVisitors welcomeZhongshanHollinger & Schmidt
Agile Binhai 0.gifVisitors welcomeShanghaiThomson, Peter
Ancient City Intl 0.gifVisitors welcomeLijiangObringer, Joe F.
Beijing CBD Intl p.gifPrivate clubBeijingStenson, Brit
Beijing Country GC 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingBo, Cheng Chun
Beijing GC 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingBenz & Poellet
Beijing Grand Canal 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingThomson & Deng
Beijing Honghua Intl 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingFaldo, Nick
Beijing Taiwei 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingHao, Jian Biao
Beijing Willow p.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingSasaki Assoc
Beijing Yaoshang 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingShearer & Thomson
BFA Intl Convtn Ctre 0.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouMarsh, Graham
Boao 0.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouJi, Bill Yo
Caesars, Macau 0.gifVisitors welcomeMacauWeed, Bobby
Century Seaview 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenNelson & Haworth
Chongqing Poly 0.gifVisitors welcomeChongqingCurley, Brian
Chung Shan Hot Spring 0.gifWeekdays onlyZhongshanPalmer & Nicklaus
CITIC Changping 0.gifVisitors welcomeDongguanThomson, Peter
City Hills 0.gifVisitors welcomeChongqingNelson & Haworth
Clearwater Bay, Hainan 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaSchmidt-Curley
Clearwater Bay, HK 0.gifWeekday a.m.Hong KongThomson & Perrett
Dali Stone Mountain 0.gifVisitors welcomeDaliFaldo, Nick
Dalian Jinshi 0.gifVisitors welcomeDalianThompson & Zongying
Discovery Bay, HK 0.gifMon & TuesHong KongJones Jr, Robert Trent
Dongguan Hillview 0.gifVisitors welcomeDongguanEngh, Jim
Dragon Lake 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouDavidson, Dick
Dragon Valley 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaSchmidt-Curley
Dunes, Shenzhou Peninsula 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaWeiskopf, Tom
Earls 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingLim, Sang Ha
Elephant 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingParnevik & Stenson
Enhance Anting 0.gifOn applicationShanghaiJones II, Robert Trent
Fenghuangshan 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenVarious
Firestone, Shenzhen 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenWatts, Les
Fuzhou Amai 0.gifVisitors welcomeFuzhouParlow, Ted
Fuzhou Hot Spring 0.gifVisitors welcomeFuzhouKato, Kaichi
Gaoming Silver Ocean 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouLocal designer
Genzon p.gifPrivate clubShenzhenHaworth, Neil
Golden Mountain 0.gifVisitors welcomeHaiyangSchmidt-Curley
Grand Epoch City 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingWilchire, Jim
Guangzhou Intl. 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouNelson & Haworth
Guangzhou Luhu p.gifPrivate clubGuangzhouThomas, Dave
Guilin Merryland 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuilinGolden Louise
Haikou Meishi Intl. 0.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouMontgomerie, Colin
Harbour Plaza 0.gifPrivate clubDongguanJones II, Robert Trent
Holiday Island 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouGuo-kun, Liang
Hong Kong GC - Deep Water Bay 0.gifWeekdays onlyHong KongUnknown
Hong Kong GC Fanling 4b.gifWeekdays onlyHong KongThomson, Peter et al.
Huangshan Pine G&CC 0.gifVisitors welcomeHangzhouFream, Ron
Huatang International 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingMarsh, Graham
Huizhou GC 0.gifVisitors welcomeHuizhouKazuo, Okade
Huizhou Lakefront 0.gifVisitors welcomeHuizhouChuan-yuan, Chen
Huizhou Tangquan 0.gifVisitors welcomeHuizhouNelson & Haworth
Imperial Springs p.gifPrivate clubGuangzhouMontgomerie, Colin
InterContinental Huizhou 0.gifVisitors welcomeHuizhouGuo-kun, Liang
Jade Dragon Snow Mtn 0.gifVisitors welcomeLijiangNelson & Haworth
Jian Lake 0.gifVisitors welcomeHangzhouHollinger, Mark
Jian Lake Blue Bay 4b.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaHollinger, Mark
Jinghua 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingSong, Tiger
Jinji Lake p.gifPrivate clubShanghaiPlayer, Gary
Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau (East) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeHong KongNelson & Haworth
Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau (North) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeHong KongPlayer, Gary
Junan Country Gdn 0.gifVisitors welcomeZhongshanGuo-kun, Liang
Kai Kou Xiamen 0.gifVisitors welcomeXiamenNorman, Greg
Kangle 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaMcFarland & Tan
Kunming Country GC 0.gifVisitors welcomeKunmingWatts, Les
Kunming Sunshine 0.gifVisitors welcomeKunmingJones Jr, Robert Trent
Lake Hill 0.gifVisitors welcomeHangzhouNelson & Haworth
Lake Malaren 4b.gifVisitors welcomeShanghaiNicklaus & Thompson
Lakeview, Kunming 0.gifVisitors welcomeKunmingFaldo, Nick
Lakewood, Zhuhai 0.gifVisitors welcomeMacauPoellot, J. Michael
Liaoning Gold Time 0.gifVisitors welcomeDalianSchmidt-Curley
Lion Lake 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouJacobson, Rick
Long Island, Dongguan 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenPoellot, J. Michael
Lotus Hill 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouLanger, Bernhard
Luxehills Intl 0.gifVisitors welcomeChengduCostello, Hollinger & Moore
Macau G&CC 0.gifRsrt guests onlyMacauIkeda, Hiroshi
Meilan 0.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouMarsh, Graham
Mission Hills Dongguan (Annika) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Dongguan (Leadbetter) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Dongguan (Norman) 4b.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenNorman, Greg
Mission Hills Dongguan (Olazabal) 5a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Dongguan (Rose-Poulter) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Blackstone) 5a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Double Pin) 3a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Lava Fields) 5a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Meadow Links) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Preserve) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Sandbelt Trails) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Shadow Dunes) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Stepping Stone) 3a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Stone Quarry) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Haikou (Vintage) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Shenzhen (Els) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Shenzhen (Faldo) 5a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Shenzhen (Ozaki) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Shenzhen (Pete Dye) 4b.gifPrivate courseShenzhenDye, Pete
Mission Hills Shenzhen (Vijay) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Mission Hills Shenzhen (World Cup) 5a.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenNicklaus, Jack
Mission Hills Shenzhen (Zhang) 3b.gifRsrt guests onlyShenzhenCurley, Brian
Nansha 0.gifVisitors welcomeDongguanJacobs, John
Nanshan Intl 0.gifVisitors welcomeLongkouZhenrong, Lin
Nanshan Intl, Danling p.gifPrivate clubLongkouShepherdson, Steve
Nanshan, Donghai - East 0.gifVisitors welcomeLongkouHemstock, David
Nanshan, Donghai - West p.gifPrivate clubLongkouMontgomerie, Colin
Nanshan, Mashanzhai 0.gifVisitors welcomeYantaiWoosnam, Ian
Ocean Bay 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaMiller, Scott
Orient Beijing Tianxing 0.gifVisitors welcomeBeijingPen & Young
Orient Xiamen 0.gifVisitors welcomeXiamenFream, Ron
Orient Zhuhai 0.gifVisitors welcomeMacauPen, T.K.
Palm Island, Huizhou 0.gifVisitors welcomeHuizhouNicklaus Jr, Jack
Peach Garden, Foshan 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouHollinger, Mark
Pine Valley, Beijing p.gifPrivate clubBeijingNicklaus, Jack
Pine Valley, Zhuhai 0.gifVisitors welcomeMacauPen, T.K.
Qiandaohu CC 0.gifVisitors welcomeHangzhouGolfplan
Qixianling 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaMiller, Mark
Royal Orchid Intl, Shunde 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouFaldo, Nick
Sand River p.gifPrivate clubShenzhenPlayer, Gary
Sanshui Spring 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouCheng, Lee
Sanya Luhuitou 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaNelson & Haworth
Sanya Sun Valley 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaJMP Design
Shadow Creek, Beijing p.gifPrivate clubBeijingNicklaus, Steve
Shanghai Links p.gifPrivate clubShanghaiNicklaus, Jack
Shanghai Silport p.gifOn applicationShanghaiMartin, Bob
Shanqin Bay p.gifPrivate clubHaikouCoore, Bill
Shenzhen Airport 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenWoosnam, Ian
Shenzhen GC 0.gifOn applicationShenzhenAoki; Nelson & Haworth
Shenzhen Green Bay 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenWatts, Les
Shenzhen Jiulong Hills 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenWang Guang-lin
Shenzhen Tycoon 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenDye Designs
Sheshan Intl 0.gifLodge guests onlyShanghaiNelson & Haworth
Sky Oasis 4a.gifVisitors welcomeKunmingParslow, Ted
Spring City (Lake) 0.gifVisitors welcomeKunmingJones Jr, Robert Trent
Spring City (Mtn) 0.gifVisitors welcomeKunmingNicklaus, Jack
Stone Forest Intl 0.gifVisitors welcomeKunmingSchmidt-Curley
Sun Kingdom Hot Spring 0.gifVisitors welcomeChongqingScott, Peter Dalkeith
Suzhou Taihu Intl 0.gifVisitors welcomeShanghaiMarsh, Graham
Tianjin Binhai Lake 0.gifVisitors welcomeTianjinDye & Schmidt-Curley
Tianjin Fortune Lake 0.gifVisitors welcomeTianjinThomson, Peter
Tianjin Warner Intl 0.gifVisitors welcomeTianjinFream, Ron
Tianma CC 0.gifVisitors welcomeShanghaiRogers, Peter
Tiger Beach 0.gifVisitors welcomeHaiyangSoong, Beta
Tomson, Shanghai Pudong 4a.gifPrivate clubShanghaiKato, Shunsuke
Trans Strait 0.gifVisitors welcomeFuzhouJones II, Robert Trent
Weihai Point 0.gifVisitors welcomeYantaiGolfplan
West Coast, Haikou 0.gifVisitors welcomeHaikouDye Designs
Wind Valley 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenNelson & Haworth
Wu Yi Fountain Palm 0.gifPrivate clubZhongshanNicklaus Jr, Jack
Xili p.gifPrivate clubShenzhenNelson, Wright & Haworth
Yalong Bay 0.gifVisitors welcomeSanyaJones II, Robert Trent
Yinli Foreign Investors 0.gifVisitors welcomeShenzhenJMP Design
Zhaoqing Resort 0.gifVisitors welcomeGuangzhouPlayer, Gary
Zhongshan Intl 4b.gifVisitors welcomeNanjingPlayer, Gary
Zhuhai Golden Gulf 0.gifVisitors welcomeMacauMontgomerie, Colin

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The American Express formerly known as the Desert Classic, and for many years played as the Bob Hope Desert Classic, will once again be decided on the Pete Dye designed Stadium course at PGA West (Jan 16-19).
The Players Championship:  for the 39th time, TPC Sawgrass, another iconic Pete Dye design, will host The Players Championship for one of the richest first prizes in world golf (March 12-15).
Who's Who: 
Pete Dye:  one of the greatest golf course architects of this or any generation passes away aged 94. His contribution to golf course design, and the legacy he leaves is immense.
Jack Nicklaus:  like Pete Dye a native of Ohio, actually started his golf course design career working together with Dye. In 1967 Dye asked Nicklaus to input to his design for The Golf Club in Columbus, Ohio. Two years later they worked together on the revered Harbour Town Golf Links in South Carolina.

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