Helsinki (Finland) Golf Map with Top Golf Courses Place your cursor on the following ratings 5+ (5-gold): simply the best - golf courses don't get better than this. One of our top-rated 5's! 5-star: simply the best; golf courses don't get much better than this. 4+ (4-gold): a must play course - excellent standard. One of our top-rated 4's ! 4-star: generally an excellent standard golf course, well worth visiting. 3-gold : a good course with many fine features. One of our top-rated 3's. 3-star: a good golf course with many fine features. 2-star: a reasonable standard golf course; good value, especially if better courses not available. Unrated: a course not yet visited by the Where2Golf team. Private course for members and their invited guests only. Stay & Play Golf Resort or Golf Hotel Kytaja Golf - South East course Kytaja Golf - North West course Golf Talma - Master course Master Golf - Master course St Laurence Golf - New course Gumbole Golf Helsinki (Helsingin) Espoo Golf Club Vuosaari Golf Sarfvik Golf - New course Nordcenter Golf - Fream course Nordcenter Golf - Benz course Hirsala Golf Pickala Golf - Forest course
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