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Best golf courses in France

Founded in 1856, Pau is the oldest golf club in France and in continental Europe. Its history goes back to the Napoleonic wars and the Battle of Orthez in February 1814, when some regiments of Wellington's army were quartered in Pau. Among the soldiers, two Scottish officers took every opportunity to practice golf, their favourite sport.

Twenty years later, the same Scots came back as tourists, hoping to find memoirs of their earlier visits. Little by little, an entire British colony became established in Pau. It left its mark on the area, through its customs and its traditional sports, which included horse-back riding, hunting, mountaineering, and golf. Eventually, in 1856 the need was created for a dedicated golf club.

Great course architects like Willy Dunn considered that France with its amazing variety of landscapes was the ideal country for developing golf. Paris and the Ile de France have some of the country's finer courses including the Golf National, home of the French Open. You'll find excellent courses on the south-west coast in the Biarritz area and on the Mediterranean coast such as Dolce Fregate. Mountain courses crafted on the ski slopes, such as Crans sur Sierre a championship layout designed by Severiano Ballesteros, only open in summer. Most of the best courses are open to the public. 

The traditional top courses – often to be found around the larger cities – sometimes admit visitors especially during the week and in the summer but they never really advertise the fact. 
With a letter of introduction from your club you can try your luck at some of the most highly reputed courses like Chantilly, Saint-Germain, Fontainebleau, Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche, Paris International, Joyenval and la Boulie.

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click on the green arrow in the toolbar OF the table below to sortStay & Play Golf Resort.Private course – for members and their invited guests only.Unrated course – not yet visited by the Where2Golf team.2-star: reasonable standard. Good value, especially if better courses not available.3-star: a good course with many fine features.3+ (3-gold): a good course with many fine features. One of our top-rated 3’s.4-star: a must play course - excellent standard.4+ (4-gold): a must play course - excellent standard. One of our top-rated 4’s !5-star: simply the best - golf courses don’t get much better than this.5+ (5-gold): simply the best - golf courses don’t get better than this. One of our top-rated 5’s!
Aa Saint-Omer 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneDudok van Heel, Joan
Ailette 3b.gifVisitors welcomeReimsGayon, Michel
Albi 3a.gifVisitors welcomeToulousePern, Jeremy
Apremont 4a.gifVisitors welcomeParisJacobs, John
Arcachon 3a.gifVisitors welcomeBordeauxBlandford & Hirigoyen
Arcangues 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzFream, Ron
Arras 3a.gifVisitors welcomeLilleCornillot, Jean-Claude
Baden 3b.gifVisitors welcomeLorientBureau, Yves
Barbaroux 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMarseilleDye, Pete
Basel 4a.gifWeekdays onlyBaselvon Limburger, Bernhard
Belesbat 3a.gif(Closed in 2013)ParisAdam, Marc
Belle Dune 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneRossi, Jean-Manuel
Bethemont 3b.gifVisitors welcomeParisLanger, Bernhard
Biarritz - Le Phare 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzDunn, Tom
Bitche 3b.gifVisitors welcomeStrasbourgAdam, Marc
Bondues (Hawtree) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLilleHawtree, Fred
Bondues (Trent Jones) 3a.gifVisitors welcomeLilleJones Sr, Robert Trent
Bossey 3b.gifWeekdays onlyGeneveJones Jr, Robert Trent
Brest Iroise 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBrestFenn, Michael
Brigode 0.gifWkends restrictdLilleBaker, Bill
Cannes-Mandelieu (Old) 3b.gifVisitors welcomeCannesColt, Harry
Cannes-Mougins 4b.gifVisitors welcomeCannesAlliss & Thomas
Cap D'Agde 3b.gifVisitors welcomeMontpellierFream, Ron
Cely-en-Biere 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisAdam, Marc
Chamonix 3b.gifVisitors welcomeGeneveJones Sr, Robert Trent
Chantaco 3a.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzColt, Harry
Chantilly (Longeres) 4a.gifWeekdays onlyParisSteel, Donald
Chantilly (Vineuil) 5a.gifWeekdays onlyParisSimpson, Tom
Chat. de la Chouette 4a.gifVisitors welcomeParisJones Jr, Robert Trent
Chateau d'Augerville 3b.gifVisitors welcomeOrleansDongradi, Olivier
Chateau de Chailly 4a.gifVisitors welcomeDijonSprecher & Watine
Chateau de Preisch 3b.gifVisitors welcomeLuxembourgAmick, William
Chateau des Vigiers 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBordeauxSteel, Donald
Chaumont-en-Vexin 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisHarradine, Donald
Chiberta 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzSimpson, Tom
Claux Amic 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCannesFoures, Jean-Pascal
Clement Ader 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisSaito & Gayon
Club du Lys Chantilly 4a.gifVisitors welcomeParisSimpson, Tom
Compiègne 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisSmith
Courson (Noir-Orange) 3b.gifWkends restrictdParisvon Hagge, Robert
Courson (Vert-Lilas) 4a.gifWkends restrictdParisvon Hagge, Robert
Crecy 4a.gifVisitors welcomeParisPalmer, Arnold
Deauville, New Golf de 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLe HavreSimpson & Cotton
Dieppe - Pourville 3b.gifVisitors welcomeLe HavrePark Jr, Willie
Disneyland Paris 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisFream, Ronald
Divonne 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGeneveNakowski, M
Domangere 4a.gifVisitors welcomeNantesGayon, Michel
Esery 4a.gifWeekdays onlyGeneveGayon, Michel
Esterel 3b.gifVisitors welcomeCannesJones Sr, Robert Trent
Etiolles 3b.gifVisitors welcomeParisGayon, Michel
Etretat 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLe HavreChantepie, Julien
Evian Resort 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGeneveRobinson, Cabell
Feucherolles 3b.gifVisitors welcomeParisPoellot, Jean-Marie
Fontainebleau, France 4b.gifWeekdays onlyParisSimpson, Tom
Fontenailles 3a.gif(Closed in 2009)ParisGayon, Michel
Fontenelles 3b.gifVisitors welcomeNantesBureau, Yves
Fregate 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMarseilleFream, Ron
Ganay (Jaune) 2.gif(Closed in 2010)OrleansShirley, Jim
Ganay (Rouge/Bleu) 3a.gif(Closed in 2010)OrleansShirley, Jim
Golf National (Aigle) 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisChesneau, Hubert
Golf National (Albatros) 5a.gifVisitors welcomeParisvon Hagge, Robert
Gouverneur (Le Breuil) 3b.gifVisitors welcomeLyonFruchet & Will
Gouverneur (Montaplan) 3a.gifVisitors welcomeLyonFruchet & Will
Grand Saint-Emilionnais 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBordeauxDoak, Tom
Grande Bastide 3b.gifVisitors welcomeCannesRobinson, Cabell
Granville, France 4a.gifVisitors welcomeSt MaloColt, Harry
Grenoble Charmeil 3a.gifVisitors welcomeGrenoblePern & Garaialde
Grenoble Intl. (Bresson) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrenobleJones Jr, Robert Trent
Gujan 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBordeauxPrat, Alain
Hardelot (Les Dunes) 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneCornillot, Jean-Claude
Hardelot (Les Pins) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneSimpson, Tom
Hossegor 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzMorrison, John
Isle Adam (L' ) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeParisFream, Ron
Joyenval p.gifPrivate clubParisJones Sr, Robert Trent
Kempferhof 4b.gifVisitors welcomeStrasbourgvon Hagge, Robert
La Baule (Bleu) 3a.gifVisitors welcomeNantesGayon, Michel
La Baule (Rouge) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeNantesAlliss & Thomas
La Boulie (Foret) 4a.gifWeekdays onlyParisRoussel, Jacques
La Boulie (Vallee) 4b.gifWeekdays onlyParisPark Jr, Willie
La Bresse 3b.gifVisitors welcomeLyonPern, Jeremy
La Bretesche 3b.gifVisitors welcomeNantesBaker, Bill
La Grande Motte 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMontpellierJones Sr, Robert Trent
La Moye 4a.gifVisitors welcomeSt MaloBraid, James
Lacanau 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBordeauxHarris, John
Le Touquet (La Foret) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneHutchinson, Horace
Le Touquet (La Mer) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneColt, Harry
Les Aisses 4a.gifVisitors welcomeOrleansBrizon, Olivier
Les Arcs 3a.gifVisitors welcomeGeneveBerthet, Robert
Les Bordes p.gifPrivate clubOrleansvon Hagge, Robert
Limere 4a.gifVisitors welcomeOrleansRobinson, Cabell
Lyon (Les Brocards) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLyonHawtree, Fred
Lyon (Les Sangliers) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeLyonLambert, Hughes
Maison Blanche 4a.gifWeekdays onlyGeneveHarradine & Dongradi
Makila 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzRoquemore, Rocky
Medoc (Chateaux) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeBordeauxCoore, Bill
Medoc (Vignes) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBordeauxWhitman, Rod
Meribel 3b.gifVisitors welcomeGeneveSprecher & Watine
Merignies 0.gifVisitors welcomeLilleGayon, Michel
Moliets 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzJones Sr, Robert Trent
Mont d'Arbois 3b.gifVisitors welcomeGeneveCotton, Henry
Monte-Carlo 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCannesPark Jr, Willie
Montpellier Fontcaude 3a.gifVisitors welcomeMontpellierPitman, Chris
Montpellier Massane 3a.gifVisitors welcomeMontpellierFream, Ron
Morfontaine p.gifPrivate clubParisSimpson, Tom
Nampont St Martin 2.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneChatterton, Thomas
Nimes Campagne 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMontpellierMorandi & Harradine
Omaha Beach (La Mer) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLe HavreBureau, Yves
Omaha Beach (Le Manoir) 3b.gifVisitors welcomeLe HavreBureau, Yves
Opio-Valbonne 3a.gifVisitors welcomeCannesHarradine, Donald
Ozoir-la-Ferriere 3b.gifVisitors welcomeParisCotton, Henry
Palmola 3a.gifVisitors welcomeToulouseFenn, Michael
Paris International p.gifPrivate clubParisNicklaus, Jack
Pau 3a.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzVarious
Pleneuf Val Andre 4b.gifVisitors welcomeSt MaloPrat, Alain
Ploemeur Ocean 3a.gifVisitors welcomeLorientMacauley & Quenouille
Pont Royal 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMarseilleBallesteros, Seve
Pornic 3a.gifVisitors welcomeNantesGayon, Michel
Prieure 3b.gifWeekdays onlyParisHawtree, Fred
Raray 3b.gifVisitors welcomeParisLeglise, Patrice
Rebetz 3b.gifVisitors welcomeParisFoures, Jean-Pascal
Reims - Champagne 3b.gifVisitors welcomeReimsFenn, Michael
Riviera de Barbossi 3a.gifVisitors welcomeCannesJones Sr, Robert Trent
Robert Hersant 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisFream, Ron
Rochefort 3b.gifVisitors welcomeParisHawtree, Fred
Roncemay 3b.gifVisitors welcomeOrleansPern & Garaialde
Royal Guernsey 3b.gifWkends restrictdSt MaloRoss, Mackenzie
Royal Jersey 4a.gifWkends restrictdSt MaloBrewster, F.W.
Royal Mougins 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCannesvon Hagge, Robert
Sable-Solesmes 4b.gifVisitors welcomeLe MansGayon, Michel
Saint Cloud 4a.gifJuly/Aug onlyParisColt, Harry
Saint Cyprien 3a.gifVisitors welcomeMontpellierTomlinson & Wright
Saint Donat 3b.gifVisitors welcomeCannesJones Jr, Robert Trent
Saint Endreol 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCannesGayon, Michel
Saint Germain 4b.gifWeekdays onlyParisColt, Harry
Saint Jean de Monts 3b.gifVisitors welcomeNantesBureau, Yves
Saint Laurent 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLorientMichael Fenn
Saint Tropez 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyCannesPlayer, Gary
Sainte Baume 3b.gifVisitors welcomeMarseilleBerthet, Robert
Sainte Maxime 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCannesHarradine, Donald & Peter
Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche p.gifPrivate clubParisHawtree, Fred
Savenay 3b.gifVisitors welcomeNantesGayon, Michel
Seignosse 4a.gifVisitors welcomeBiarritzvon Hagge, Robert
Servanes 3a.gifVisitors welcomeMarseilleSprecher & Watine
Soufflenheim 4a.gifVisitors welcomeStrasbourgLanger, Bernhard
Sperone 4b.gifVisitors welcomeCorsicaJones Sr, Robert Trent
Strasbourg 3a.gifWeekdays onlyStrasbourgHarradine, Donald
Taulane 4b.gifVisitors welcomeCannesPlayer, Gary
Terre Blanche (Chateau) 4b.gifOn applicationCannesThomas, Dave
Terre Blanche (Riou) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyCannesThomas, Dave
Toulouse Seilh 3a.gifVisitors welcomeToulousePern & Garaïalde
Val de Sorne 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGeneveLambert, Hugues
Val Queven 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLorientBureau, Yves
Vaucouleurs 3a.gifVisitors welcomeParisGayon, Michel
Vaudreuil 3b.gifVisitors welcomeRouenHawtree, Fred
Vidauban p.gifPrivate clubCannesJones Sr & Jr, Robert Trent
Volcans 3a.gifVisitors welcomeLyonRoux, Lucien
Wantzenau, La 3b.gifVisitors welcomeStrasbourgPern & Garaialde
Wimereux 3b.gifVisitors welcomeBoulogneCampbell & Hutchinson

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