Germany North Golf Map with Top Golf Courses Denmark Golf Map with Top Golf Courses Germany East Golf Map with Top Golf Courses Germany West Golf Map with Top Golf Courses Place your cursor on the following ratings 5+ (5-gold): simply the best - golf courses don't get better than this. One of our top-rated 5's! 5-star: simply the best; golf courses don't get much better than this. 4+ (4-gold): a must play course - excellent standard. One of our top-rated 4's ! 4-star: generally an excellent standard golf course, well worth visiting. 3-gold : a good course with many fine features. One of our top-rated 3's. 3-star: a good golf course with many fine features. 2-star: a reasonable standard golf course; good value, especially if better courses not available. Unrated: a course not yet visited by the Where2Golf team. Private course for members and their invited guests only. Stay & Play Golf Resort or Golf Hotel Golfclub Hamburg-Walddorfer Golfclub Hamburg-Ahrensburg Lubeck Travemunder Golf-Klub Golf Club Sylt Marine Golf Club - Sylt Golfclub Budersand Sylt Gut Kaden Golf & Land Club Hamburger Golf Club - Falkenstein WinstonGolf - Links course WinstonGolf - Open course Club zur Vahr - Garlstedter Heide course Stay & Play at Fleesensee Golf & Country Club - Schloss course Stay & Play at Schloss Ludersburg Golf & Hotel - Lakes course Hamburger Land & Golf Club Hittfeld Golf Club St Dionys Rethmar Golf Links Hardenberg GolfResort - Niedersachsen course
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