USA: Great Lakes (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI) Best Golf Courses

Best golf courses in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin

The Great Lakes region is a part of the Great Lakes Megalopolis, whose population is expected to grow to 65 million by 2025. The region itself is identified by its distinct culture, history and economy. As for quality golf courses, the Great Lakes is teeming with them.

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin Golf Map
  To make the most out of your golf trip, look up the location of the courses on the Great Lakes golf map. It will help you with your planning to play the best courses during your holidays. On the maps we have indicated golf hotels and Stay & Play resorts with the following symbol Stay & Play Golf Resorts
Where2Golf has applied a rating to each golf course visited. The rating scale, 5 (highest) to 1 (lowest), attempts to provide an indication of the golfing experience you can expect at each rated course. 

click on the green arrow in the toolbar OF the table below to sortStay & Play Golf Resort.Private course – for members and their invited guests only.Unrated course – not yet visited by the Where2Golf team.2-star: reasonable standard. Good value, especially if better courses not available.3-star: a good course with many fine features.3+ (3-gold): a good course with many fine features. One of our top-rated 3’s.4-star: a must play course - excellent standard.4+ (4-gold): a must play course - excellent standard. One of our top-rated 4’s !5-star: simply the best - golf courses don’t get much better than this.5+ (5-gold): simply the best - golf courses don’t get better than this. One of our top-rated 5’s!
Annbriar 4b.gifVisitors welcomeSt LouisHurdzan, Michael
Arcadia Bluffs 5a.gifVisitors welcomeTraverse CitySmith & Henderson
Avalon (Avalon Lakes), OH 5a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronDye, Pete
Avalon (Squaw Creek), OH 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronThompson, Stanley
Bay Harbor 5a.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsHills, Forrest & Kircher
Bear Slide 4a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisRefram, Dean
Belterra 4b.gifVisitors welcomeCincinnatiFazio, Tom
Belvedere 4a.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsWatson, Willie
Big Fish 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMinneapolis / St PaulDye & Liddy
Birck Boilermaker 4a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisDye, Pete
Black Forest, MI 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordDoak, Tom
Black Lake, MI 4b.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsJones, Rees
Blackwolf Run (Meadow Valleys) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeDye, Pete
Blackwolf Run (River) 5a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeDye, Pete
Bog, The 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeePalmer, Arnold
Bolingbrook 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoHills, Arthur
Boulder Creek, OH 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronSalemi, Joe
Boyne Highlands (Heather) 4b.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsJones Sr, Robert Trent
Boyne Highlands (Hills) 4b.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsHills, Arthur
Boyne Highlands (Moor) 4a.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsNewcomb, William
Boyne Highlands (Ross) 4b.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsNewcomb, William
Boyne Mountain 4a.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsNewcomb, William
Brickyard Crossing 4a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisDye, Pete
Broadlands 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeJacobson, Rick
Brown Deer Park 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeHansen, George
Bull at Pinehurst Farms 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeNicklaus, Jack
Butler National p.gifPrivate clubChicagoFazio, George & Tom
Camargo p.gifPrivate clubCincinnatiRaynor, Seth
Canterbury, OH p.gifPrivate clubCleveland / AkronStrong, Herbert
Cantigny 4b.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoPackard, Roger
Canyata p.gifPrivate clubIndianapolisLohmann & Benkusky
Chicago GC p.gifPrivate clubChicagoMacdonald, Charles B.
Cog Hill (No.2 Ravines) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoMcIntosh, Coghill, Lee & Roquemore
Cog Hill (No.4 Dubsdread) 5a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoWilson, Lee & Jones.
Country Club, Pepper Pike p.gifPrivate clubCleveland / AkronFlynn, William S.
Crooked Stick p.gifPrivate clubIndianapolisDye, Pete
Crooked Tree 4a.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsBowers, Harry
Crystal Downs p.gifPrivate clubTraverse CityMacKenzie, Alister
Culver Academies p.gifPrivate clubChicagoLangford & Moreau
Double Eagle p.gifPrivate clubColumbus (OH)Weiskopf & Morrish
Eagle Eye, MI 5a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsLutzke, Chris
Eagle Ridge, IL (General) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoPackard, Roger
Eagle Ridge, IL (North) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoPackard, Roger
Elk Ridge, MI 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordMatthews, Jerry
Elks Run 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCincinnatiNorman, Greg
Erin Hills 5b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeHurdzan, Fry & Whitten
Firestone CC, OH p.gifPrivate clubCleveland / AkronTrent Jones Sr & Fazio
Forest Dunes 5a.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordWeiskopf, Tom
Forest Dunes (The Loop) 4a.gifRsrt guests onlyGaylordDoak, Tom
Fort, The 4a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisDye & Liddy
Fowler's Mill 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronDye, Pete & Roy
Franklin Hills p.gifPrivate clubDetroitRoss, Donald
French Lick (Dye) 5a.gifRsrt guests onlyLouisvilleDye, Pete
French Lick (Ross) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeLouisvilleRoss, Donald
Geneva Natl (Palmer) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeePalmer, Arnold
Geneva Natl (Player) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeePlayer, Gary
Geneva Natl (Trevino) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeTrevino & Graves
Glen Club, IL 5a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoFazio, Tom
Golf Club, The p.gifPrivate clubColumbus (OH)Dye, Pete
Grand Geneva (Brute) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeHarris, Robert Bruce
Grand Geneva (Highlands) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeDye & Nicklaus
Grand Traverse (Bear) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeTraverse CityNicklaus, Jack
Grand Traverse (Wolverine) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeTraverse CityPlayer, Gary
Granville, Ohio 4a.gifVisitors welcomeColumbus (OH)Ross, Donald
Gull Lake View (Bedford Valley) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsMitchell, William
Gull Lake View (East / West) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsScott, Darl et al
Gull Lake View (Stoatin Brae) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsRenaissance Design
Gull Lake View (Stonehedge) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsScott, Charles & Jon
Harbor Shores, MI 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsNicklaus, Jack
Harborside Intl (Port) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoNugent, Dick
Harborside Intl (Starboard) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoNugent, Dick
Hawk Hollow, MI 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsMatthews, Jerry
Hawk's Eye, MI 4a.gifVisitors welcomeTraverse CityRobinson, John
Hawks Landing, WI 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeHarbottle, John
Hawk's View, WI 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeSchreiner, Craig
HawksHead, MI 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsHills & Forrest
Hidden River 4a.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsMatthews III, Bruce
House on the Rock 0.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeJones Sr, Robert Trent
Inverness Club, Ohio p.gifPrivate clubToledo (OH)Ross, Donald
Kirtland p.gifPrivate clubCleveland / AkronAlison, Charles Hugh
Lakewood Shores 0.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordAldridge & Matthews
Lawsonia (Links) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayLangford, William B.
Lawsonia (Woodlands) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayRoquemore, Rocky
Little Mountain 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronHurdzan & Fry
Little Traverse Bay 4a.gifVisitors welcomePetoskey / Harbor SpringsGorney, Jeff
Lost Dunes p.gifPrivate clubChicagoDoak, Tom
Majestic at Lake Walden 4a.gifVisitors welcomeDetroitMatthews, Jerry
Manakiki 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronRoss, Donald
Maple Creek, IN 3a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisDye, Pete
Marquette 0.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayLangford, Gill & DeVries
Maumee Bay 4a.gifVisitors welcomeToledo (OH)Hills, Arthur
Medinah p.gifPrivate clubChicagoBendelow & Jones
Milwaukee CC p.gifPrivate clubMilwaukeeColt & Alison
Moraine p.gifPrivate clubCincinnatiCampbell, Alex
Muirfield Village p.gifPrivate clubColumbus (OH)Nicklaus & Muirhead
Mystic Hills 3a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisDye, Pete & P.B.
Naga-Waukee 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeePackard, Lawrence
NCR CC (South) p.gifPrivate clubCincinnatiWilson, Dick
Northern Bay (Castle) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeRelford & Mootz
Oakland Hills p.gifPrivate clubDetroitRoss, Donald
Ohio State (Scarlet) p.gifPrivate clubColumbusMacKenzie, Alister
Olympia Fields p.gifPrivate clubChicagoBendelow & Park Jr.
Orchard Valley 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoKavanaugh, Ken
Orchards, The (MI) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeDetroitJones Jr, Robert Trent
Otsego Club 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordRobbins & Koch
Otter Creek 4a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisJones Sr, Robert Trent
Pilgrim's Run 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsSchumacker & DeVries
Pine Meadow 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoFlynn, Lee, Roquemore & Jemsek
Plum Creek 3b.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisDye, Pete
Prairie Landing 4b.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoJones Jr, Robert Trent
Prairie View, IN 4a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisJones Jr, Robert Trent
Purgatory 4b.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisKern, Ron
Quarry, The (OH) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronHuntley, Brian
Red Hawk Run 4a.gifVisitors welcomeColumbus (OH)Hills & Forrest
Red Hawk, MI 0.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordHills & Wilzynski
Rich Harvest Farms p.gifPrivate clubChicagoRich & Martin
Rock Hollow 4a.gifVisitors welcomeIndianapolisLiddy, Tim
Ruffled Feathers 4b.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoDye, Pete & P.B.
Sand Valley (Mammoth Dunes) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayMcLay-Kidd, David
Sand Valley (Sand Valley) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayCoore & Crenshaw
Scioto p.gifPrivate clubColumbus (OH)Ross, Donald
SentryWorld 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayJones Jr, Robert Trent
Shaker Run 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCincinnatiHills, Arthur
Shanty Creek (Cedar River) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordWeiskopf, Tom
Shanty Creek (Legend) 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordPalmer & Seay
Shepherd's Hollow 4b.gifVisitors welcomeDetroitHills, Arthur
Shoreacres p.gifPrivate clubChicagoRaynor, Seth
Sleepy Hollow, OH 4b.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronThompson, Stanley
St Ives, MI 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsMatthews, Jerry
Stonelick Hills 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCincinnatiOsterfeld, Jeff
Stonewall Orchard 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoHills & Forrest
Sultan's Run 4b.gifVisitors welcomeLouisvilleJones & Sternberg
Sweetgrass 0.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayAlbanese, Paul
Sycamore Hills p.gifPrivate clubIndianapolisNicklaus, Jack
Thornberry Creek 4a.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayJacobsen, Rick
Thousand Oaks 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsJones, Rees
ThunderHawk 4b.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoJones Jr, Robert Trent
TimberStone at Pine Mtn 0.gifVisitors welcomeGreen BayMatthews & Albanese
TPC Deere Run 5a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoWeibring, D.A.
Trappers Turn 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeNorth & Packard
Treetops (Fazio - Premier) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordFazio, Tom
Treetops (Jones- Masterpiece) 5a.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordJones Sr, Trent Jones
Treetops (Smith - Signature) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeGaylordSmith, Rick
Troy Burne 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMinneapolis / St PaulHurdzan, Fry & Lehman
True North p.gifPrivate clubPetoskey / Harbor SpringsEngh, Jim
Tullymore, MI 5a.gifVisitors welcomeGrand RapidsEngh, Jim
Univ of Michigan 4a.gifVisitors welcomeDetroitMacKenzie, Alister
University Ridge 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeJones Jr, Robert Trent
Victoria National p.gifPrivate clubLouisvilleFazio, Tom
Virtues, The 5a.gifVisitors welcomeColumbus (OH)Hills, Arthur
Warren GC, Notre Dame 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoCoore & Crenshaw
Washington County 4a.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeHills, Arthur
WeaverRidge 4a.gifVisitors welcomeChicagoHurdzan & Fry
Whistling Straits (Irish) 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeDye, Pete
Whistling Straits (Straits) 5b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeDye, Pete
Wild Rock 4b.gifVisitors welcomeMilwaukeeHurdzan, Michael
Windmill Lakes 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCleveland / AkronAult, Ed
Wolf Run, IN 4a.gif(Closed in 2018)IndianapolisSmyers, Steve
Yankee Trace 4a.gifVisitors welcomeCincinnatiBates, Gene

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