Transport of Golf Carts

How To Transport Golf Carts Between Courses
Hauling a golf cart doesn’t have to be a complex task. However, if you’re planning on moving it across a golf course, some deliberation will have to be made. When that time comes, it’s important that you know the easier way to do things. If you have one or several tilting golf cart trailers, you should be able to take care of the job on your own without much hassle.

Steps In Transporting Golf Carts Using A Golf Cart Trailer
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can haul your golf cart from course to course: 
1. Take the golf cart trailer and connect it to a towing vehicle. Make sure the connection is secure. 
2. Take the ball receiver of the golf cart trailer and attach it just over the top of the hitch ball (the hitch ball is connected to the vehicle’s tow hitch). At this point, it’s necessary to go to your trailer’s ball receiver and open the hitch latch. 
3. Fasten the trailer’s ball receiver by pushing down the latch. 
4. Get a lock or pin and secure the latch through a small hole that you’ll find at the front of the latch. This will lock and secure the tow hitch of the vehicle, which is great as it also protects the trailer against theft. 
5. Connect the trailer’s harness to the wiring harness of the tow vehicle. 
6. Once you’re done with this, if your trailer has a ramp gate, you can now drop the ramp gate by removing its side latch pins. Removing these pins will release the gate towards the ground.
7. Some trailers have no ramp gate. If yours doesn’t have one, you may take two ramps and position them on the edge of the trailer to allow the cart to drive in. 
8. Now it's time to load your golf cart onto the trailer. To do this, you’ll have to drive the golf cart to the front of the trailer’s rail. 
9. Secure the cart by setting the parking brake properly and securing the cart to the trailer using tie-down straps or a ratchet. 
10. After that, you can now close the ramp and secure it with side latch pins.
11. Check your trailer for its posted speed limit and tow it at that speed. 
12. Congratulations! If you’ve followed these steps, you’re now ready to transport your golf cart to a different course. You just have to make sure you’re watching the trailer when passing other vehicles. Provide enough room to avoid accidents along the way. Be sure to watch the trailer when making turns. 


Additional Considerations
As technology continues to advance, golf carts will also evolve. Some recent golf cart models have advanced features that you might need to be aware of in order to tow the cart safely.
You must also check the ratings of the golf course you wish to move your cart to so that you can consider course design and layout, plus if you're taking along the right kind of cart in the first place.

The Run Switch
This switch can be found on almost every modern golf cart. It's a helpful feature that helps reduce manual labour. Though it's a handy feature for your cart, it can also be dangerous if you’re unaware of its effects when towing the truck. Attempting to tow the truck in run mode can be extremely hazardous for your vehicle.
You can, however, use this switch to your advantage as it enables a degree of freedom for the cart to roll with minimal manual labor. It'll roll right onto the trailer bed if done right. 

Golf carts.jpeg

Golf Carts With Roofs
A lot of people who own golf carts that have roofs often find it difficult to tow their carts. 

But the risk that’s often associated with transporting these kinds of carts can be averted by simply ensuring the cart roof’s strap is safely attached to the towing vehicle and the trailer. If you’ve done this, then there shouldn't be any reason to worry while transporting a golf cart that has a roof.

Towing A Car Together With A Golf Cart
Don’t panic if you have to tow your golf cart together with a car. All you have to do is make sure that you select the right trailer bed. A good trailer bed will be able to support the weight of both vehicles; otherwise, all other procedures stay the same. 

When you’re moving your golf cart between courses it’s very important to keep these tips in mind and follow each one of them. If you skip any of them, your golf cart is in danger of rolling out of the truck during transportation. 

As you can probably notice, shipping a golf cart to a different course isn’t that complicated. It just requires following the prescribed method and having all the right equipment with you. If you’re missing some equipment that you’ll regularly need to transport your golf cart between courses, then it’s good to think of buying the equipment. This will not only make the process much easier; it’ll also make it safe. After all, those should be the top concerns for people who need to transport their golf carts.

Author: Robert Taylor, Freelance Writer

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